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From budget hotels to premium luxury hotels, whether owned by a large chain or an independent operator, effective noise control is vital to any hotel’s success as a business. There’s …


Audio is one of the five fundamental senses to attract your potential clients: the hearing one. Obviously producing the right sound is not an isolated work, but is taken into …

Sound Insulation

For hotels and motels located near noisy streets, highways, train tracks, airports or urban city walks, keeping external noise from penetrating into what should be the quiet, peaceful sanctuary of …

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Hotel Places


In hotel bars, it’s best when sound equipment is heard…


Now that more and more alternatives are emerging in the…


Music is a key element when it comes to setting…

Reception-Waiting Room

Music is one of the most inexpensive and reliable ways…

Swimming Pool-Garden

As far as your outdoor pool and the garden are…

Fitness Center

Two of the most important qualities of workout music are…


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26 Mar

How does music help your customers to have a good mood?

Posted by: admin

Music, more than any other art form, has the power to give us an immediate emotional “hit” – everyone has a song that makes them want to cry, or a …

22 Mar

How important is sound in hotels?

Posted by: admin

Body and Sound:Most people are aware of some of the ways sound affects their emotions. For that reason, they typically play different music for working out, compared to setting the …

21 Mar

Music in professional spaces

Posted by: admin

Improve the sound of your business and increase your customers! Music in a professional area is a key part of his identity. Determines the personality of the area as well …

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