In hotel bars, it’s best when sound equipment is heard but hardly seen. Our range of compact, architecture-friendly loudspeakers is the choice of hotels across the globe, selected for proving real pro-audio quality in a sleek, low-profile package.

At Hotel Audio we believe that uniting audiences with exciting sound creates shared memories that sear into the consciousness delivering more successful tours, events and repeatedly packed venues. We achieve this by an obsessive attention to detail on the professional sound system’s acoustic performance, frequently challenging convention and involving a sophisticated mix of design, research, mathematical modelling and software engineering, to deliver dynamic, full-frequency sound right across the audience.

Where hotels offer conferencing services for corporate guests, we offer the most user-friendly and technologically flexible equipment available today.

A typical bar sound systems design uses 70 Volt distribution and requires a large number of speakers to compensate for a lack of quality and audio dispersion capability. 70 Volt designs require extra components, reduces sound quality and significantly increases installation labor.

70 Volt speakers frequently use inexpensive drivers and transformers resulting in poor low-frequency response and thin overall sound. In a noisy restaurant or bar, this often makes for audio that is more irritating than enjoyable. These systems have power restrictions and cannot be used beyond their preset power settings.

Lets get to know better the parts of a 70 Volt system:

  • Source: Components such as cable TV boxes, music players, and paging microphones.
  • Amplifier: You need at least one amp to power your speakers. Many amplifiers are also mixers, which let you connect multiple audio sources. Want to momentarily mute the music when you use your paging microphone? You can set up the system to do that automatically.
  • Volume Controls: You can have a single knob to control the volume everywhere. Or you can have separate knobs for each room or zone. All of the knobs can be in one central location, or you can place a knob in each zone.
  • Speakers: You want your speakers to sound great and blend seamlessly with your décor. Here are a few different basic types you’ll see.