Music is one of the most inexpensive and reliable ways to improve business of every stripe. From bustling hotel lobbies to waiting rooms, music is a powerful tool in helping customers relax and feel understood. But as music streaming platforms and playlists continue to shape and inform the way we consume music, business’ relationship with music has become complicated in recent years. Specifically, the sometimes murky territory of licensing music can be especially difficult to navigate for businesses intent on playing music legally in their lobby, reception or waiting room.

Luckily, we’re here to help not only clarify music licensing for businesses, but to also show you how to get the most out of your music selections. Music is a proven way to help businesses, but not all approaches to music will benefit your unique business. We’ll show you why and how to get the most out of your music selections in this comprehensive guide, but first, let’s tackle the issue of music licensing for your business.

The installation process you’ll need to set up your business with the proper music-playing equipment will vary depending on the size and atmosphere of the space you’re operating in. We work with a variety of different vendors for equipment and installation including Polk Audio, Adastra and Audioengie. You can easily operate our system through smartphones, tablets and computers.

There is no set formula for choosing music that will resonate with your customers.

Every business is unique, so we advise our clients to take stock of who exactly is frequenting their places of business and to choose music accordingly.

For hotels and reception areas, a smooth mix of relaxing music usually performs well.

But no matter what music you choose, it’s important to know exactly who your clientele is. Choosing music your customers resonate with is proven to boost sales and increase engagement, but getting it wrong can have the opposite effect. It’s vital to make the people you serve feel known and welcome no matter what your business is.