Music is a key element when it comes to setting the mood. The right harmonies help keep your messaging consistent, complementing your branding and integrating with your image and décor.

The music you play can make your dishes taste more flavorful. Scientists have been studying the effect of music on taste for years, and found out that playing low-pitch sounds while eating makes savory dishes taste better; conversely, high-pitch notes enhance sweet flavors.

Volume also plays a part: when the background noise is too loud, it impairs our sense of taste – making food and drinks taste not quite as good.

If you want to heighten your dishes’ flavor, make sure you choose the right sounds and keep the volume medium-low.


  • As far as the restaurant is concerned, at lunchtime the music should be at a level that does not disturb customers, so that they can discuss without disturbing.
  • At dinner, however, music should be romantic and at a louder level.


  • On the other hand, at breakfast time, music should be uplifting and give customers an upbeat mood to be able to start their day with a big smile.

With bad sound, it doesn’t matter what kind of music you play. Aside from keeping the audio quality in mind, also think about the speaker positioning. Having additional speakers at a more even volume will eliminate spots in your seating where the music is too high or too low.

So, if you choose us, you will be sure about the sound quality and installation.