Now that more and more alternatives are emerging in the market for residential accommodation such as ‘Airbnb’ and ‘Bed & Breakfasts’, it is becoming increasingly important for hotels to increase the service level even more. WiFi is everywhere, but Bluetooth audio systems are often lacking in the hotel room.

In hotel rooms the customer should have full control of the music. To achieve this, there must be a wireless connection to all the room speakers and have the ability to adjust all the speakers from any part of the room in which it is located.
So, we suggest the best and most convenient places to place a speaker in a hotel room:

1. Ceiling speakers near the bedroom, which have to meet even the most discerning music users.
2. Home cinema speakers so that the customer can enjoy more of what he sees on the TV.
3. Waterproof ceiling speakers in the bathroom so as not to miss music from anywhere in the room, so as to always associate your customers.

  • Bathroom


However, in order to apply all the above, there should be good sound insulation in all hotel rooms. This helps make it easier for all customers not to be disturbed by the possible music, or to disturb themselves.