From budget hotels to premium luxury hotels, whether owned by a large chain or an independent operator, effective noise control is vital to any hotel’s success as a business. There’s no point in building or renovating hotels that no-one wants to stay in or use!

There are several issues that must be addressed concerning acoustics in a hotel project. These issues stem from the two types of sound that must be controlled: airborne sound and impact sound. A typical airborne sound is music or talking. A typical impact sound is the footfall sound of an upstairs guest.

Hotel guests expect a good night’s sleep. They also expect the best ambience in the hotel’s restaurants, private dining rooms, ballrooms and conference suites. Yet problems frequently arise, from traffic noise in busy urban areas to noise between interconnecting rooms.

Whatever the hotel’s size, noise and vibration effects related to both people and the buildings must be considered throughout the design and build stages.
What we provide:

  • Sound reflective materials such as glass, marble and hardwood floors
  • Open lobbies with high ceiling clearances that carry sound
  • Crowds of people that inevitably gets louder as people try and talk over one another
  • Close proximity of guest rooms
  • Hallway noises such as guests talking, vacuum cleaners, and other noises