Two of the most important qualities of workout music are tempo—or speed—and what psychologists call rhythm response, which is more or less how much a song makes you want to boogie. Most people have an instinct to synchronize their movements and expressions with music—to nod their heads, tap their toes or break out in dance—even if they repress that instinct in many situations. What type of music excites this instinct varies from culture to culture and from person to person. To make some broad generalizations, fast songs with strong beats are particularly stimulating, so they fill most people’s workout playlists.

Commercial sound systems work differently than the stereo equipment you use at home. One amp powers many speakers, not just two. A high-voltage commercial system is the most economical, practical, and safest solution for a business.

Because the voltage is high, the current running through a 70-volt system is low. You can use thinner, less expensive speaker wires. The amplifiers in these systems don’t have “load impedance” issues. It doesn’t matter how many speakers you connect.

Music also increases endurance by keeping people awash in strong emotions. Listening to music is often an incredibly pleasurable experience and certain songs open the mental floodgates with which people control their emotions in everyday situations. If one strongly identifies with the singer’s emotions or perspective, the song becomes all the more motivational.

In this case, we need loud and clear speakers that support these kinds of music and lead the animation of your customers. Some examples can be seen below: